ATTENTION COUPLES: Has Your Sex Life Grown Stale or DIED a slooooow DEATH?

Wanna Experience Extraordinary Intimacy?

Deeper Attraction, Connection, Passion and Pleasure?

(Without Changing Your Partner)

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This Challenge Is For You If You Want To...

  • Discover the passionate and sensual confidence inside of you, so you want to rip your partner's clothes off.
  • Find more satisfaction and fulfillment in your partnership and model this for your children.
  • Experience SEX as the highest level of human connection.
  • Create more fun, flirtiness and pleasure in your marriage, so you can't help but smile and laugh every time you are together.
  • Embody radical intimacy and transform your relationship, so that when people see you together they say to themselves, "I want what they have!"

"This challenge was a great way to jump start making changes in your life and marriage. If you want to feel better and love yourself, to be happier where you are right now, this challenge will help you to reach those goals!"
-Amber B.

"It was helpful to our relationship for us to think about each day's challenge and to complete the challenge. And when we shared with each other our thoughts and feelings on each day."
-Dave P.

"It was a good way to get the “spark” going again, we kind of lost our connection after having kids and I think this was a refresher that definitely showed me we need to put each other first again. I think we might re do it again in a couple months."
-Taylor D.

Here's What You'll Get When You Join The Challenge...

  • 14 x Quickie 'Intimacy Explosion' Videos - 14 Rapid Fire, 2-minute or less 'power ups' on the principles of connection and intimacy that will help you get the most out of your new thriving sex life.
  • The Road Map to Extraordinary Intimacy ​- The road map to strengthen your connection, reignite your love and deepen your intimacy, delivered to your phone or email inbox each day. 
  • BONUS: Exclusive 'Lover's Gonna Love' T-shirt when you finish the challenge and leave a review!

14-Days To Extraordinary Sex Challenge ($297 Value)

BONUS: "Lover's Gonna Love" T-Shirt ($27 Value)

Price $324

Your Price: $37

"I thought the course was so well done in that it was focused on intimacy in every area (instead of just physical intimacy) and that it was so good at encouraging vulnerability."
-Erin C.

Meet Your Hosts...

Monica is a wife to a super hunk, boss-mom of 4 small humans, weekly podcaster at On the Brighter Side ~ Marriage for Entrepreneurs and a relationship and intimacy sexpert. She has been researching and interviewing marriage experts to find the perfect framework for strong and abiding love, deep and lasting intimacy and a solid, unbreakable connection. Her deepest desire is to lower the divorce rate by helping couples have extraordinary SEX!
Cami Hurst is a passionate counselor, educator, speaker, and advocate. She has a private practice in Meridian, ID, hosts the podcast “Sex Therapy 101”, and is the founder of the Association of Sexual Health Professionals of Idaho. Cami Is driven to help couples create life-long love stories. She offers traditional marital work as well as sex therapy.
In a world divided between sexual obsession and sexual repression, you can trust Cami to be a tasteful, bold, honest, reliable, and educated resource on human sexuality. She wholeheartedly believes that our sexuality was designed to bring power, connection, and pleasure into our lives. ”If you are experiencing anything less, I am confident that we can create a new experience of sexual wholeness for yourself and for your relationship.” 

"I loved that they were simple, short, and easy to squeeze into even my busiest days. This experience has left me feeling fresh, light, and ready to love myself and my husband better!"
-Chauntel W.


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