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“The content was increasingly intentional to allow us to take small steps toward one another and talk about and then act on things that filled both of our tanks. Emotionally spiritually and physically.”
-Matt S.
Here's What You Get:
  • Complete Intimacy Coaching Program   ($5997 Value) 
  • The Anatomy of Female Desire Training   ($497 Value)
  • The Basics of Female Orgasm Training    ($497 Value)
  • Ways to Rejuvenate your Sex Life Training ($497 Value)
  • ​Guest Expert Marriage & Intimacy Speakers  ($1000 Value)

For the Next 24 Hours

  • BONUS: Lovers Gonna Love T-Shirt
  • BONUS Book: How to Prioritize Date Night by Amberly Lambertsen
  • BONUS: Coconu: Organic, coconut based personal lubricant
  • BONUS: A $50 gift card to Mentionables (tasteful lingerie)
  • BONUS: A journal to get started
Total Value Over $8,788
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Only $2,997
Or 3 Payments of $1,197
"Monica is such a joy to work with. She really understands the common struggles that women go through with intimacy. Her program is designed to help with all areas of intimacy, not just physical. Getting Monica's help and advice for 5 months is life-changing!"
-Susan L.

Complete Intimacy

Complete Intimacy Coaching Program

  • 8 weeks of intense small group coaching and Q & A sessions
  • ​Weekly group coaching calls on Zoom
  • ​Templates/tools/worksheets/printables
  • ​Weekly office hours call on Zoom
  • ​Unlimited Marco Polo and email access for 5 months
  • ​Welcome package to help you succeed

The Anatomy of Female Desire Training

  • What factors constitute a healthy sexual relationship
  • ​How to incorporate sexuality as part of your wholeness
  • ​Where your personal sexual blocks are stemming from
  • ​Identifying your unique sexual brakes and sexual accelerators
  • ​Pinpoint the context your didn’t know you needed in order to unlock you desire

The Basics of Female Orgasm Training

  • In depth about female anatomy
  • ​Why your brain is your most important sex organ
  • ​How to clear blocks about your body - all of your body
  • ​The most common stimulation patterns for women
  • ​Tools that will increase success
  • ​Becoming the expert on you
  • ​How to teach your partner what you know about you

Ways to Rejuvenate your Sex Life Training

  • Healthy consent skills for committed couples
  • ​Healthy delay skills for committed couples
  • ​Creating and comparing your “yes, maybe, not now” list
  • ​How intercourse is just one of many sexual activities
  • ​How to create an enjoyable sex life that will last into your 70’s
  • ​How to incorporate more play, fantasy, and more pleasure

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