Even When Your Spouse Feels Emotionally Distant

Thursday, May 28th at 7:00 pm MST

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This Masterclass Is For You If You Want To...

  • Feel more emotionally connected to your spouse.
  • Discover exactly how to lean on each other, even if there is chaos all around you.
  • Find more satisfaction and fulfillment in your partnership.
  • Create a communication plan to protect and strengthen your partnership to weather the worst storms hardest challenges.
  • Achieve the connection, communication, intimacy and relationship you've always dreamed about.

"This masterclass was a great way to jump start making changes in your life and marriage. If you want to feel better and love yourself, to be happier where you are right now, this masterclass will help you to reach those goals!"
-Amber B.

"It was helpful to our relationship for us to learn and think about these principles. And when we shared with each other our thoughts and feelings on each idea."
-Sue L.

I highly recommend Monica Tanner's masterclass. The three concepts were clearly explained and easily remembered and given with real life examples and ways to implement them. My husband and I are already applying them to our daily interactions. We both agree these simple but powerful tools were well worth our time and money. I'm lookin forward to more content and coaching from this amazing marriage expert.
-Nancy B.

Meet Your Host...

Monica is a wife to a super hunk, boss-mom of 4 small humans, weekly podcaster at On the Brighter Side and Marriage Enthusiast. She has been researching and interviewing marriage experts to find the perfect framework for strong and abiding love, deep and last intimacy and a solid, unbreakable connection. Her deepest desire is to strengthen marriages by filling the world with radical intimacy.

"I loved how the principles were simple, short, and easy to implement. This masterclass has left me feeling fresh, light, and ready to love myself and my husband better!"
-Chantel T.

"I had the opportunity to sit and watch Monica's masterclass on how to strengthen your relationship with your significant other. I enjoyed the tips and tools that were taught. I appreciate her time and effort put into what she presented. "
 -Collette B.

"OMG...this Masterclass was INCREDIBLE!!! I was blessed to find Monica, and this Masterclass at a time when I needed it (even if I didn’t want to admit that I did).
The principles that she teaches are clear and simple to implement! It was actually easier for me to follow the principles that she taught than it was for me to continue to feel sad in my marriage.
One of my favorite parts of the Masterclass is that I walked away with a complete shift in my mindset even though my husband had no interest in attending with me. After the class I had a whole new perspective...I actually felt empowered in my relationship for the first time in a long time. 
If you are on the fence about whether to take the Masterclass….just DO IT!!! This is the best money I have spent lately!!
Monica, I cannot thank you enough! "
👍 Two thumbs up! 👍
 -Amanda S.

Relationship Myths Busted In This Masterclass...
Busting the myth about where true, emotional connection comes from.
Busting the most common myths that are keeping you stuck in a disconnected marriage.
Busting the myths that your partner or your marriage has to change for things to get better.

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